Prelude to Solace: Live at Docs

Don Elbreg: Guitar & Vocals; B.J. Montoya: Violin, Harmony Vocals, & Percussion

My good friend Kevin Kleyla, a fellow Ball State Architecture graduate, once told me that “prelude” and “solace” were two of his favorite words. So, after going by a few different names, “Prelude to Solace” was it! It also became the title to the opening guitar instrumental on my first original release, “The Groundwork for My Going On,” and Kevin’s late brother Michael is one of the people to whom the project is dedicated. - The day I had decided to have the soundboard cassette recording of this live performance transferred to digital media, I was looking through an old box of music memorabilia I had collected over the years for a separate purpose, and found a copy of an old letter I had sent to a Los Angeles record company with a demo cassette that included the live version of my original song “The Future Is Now” from this very recording. Upon reading the letter, I discovered that the date of this performance was June 13th, 1998, the very day I had decided to have these songs transferred to digital media with the prospect of releasing them - 20 years to-the-day later! Many thanks to B.J. for all the times he has joined me on stage or in the studio!

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