How would you rank your top ten favorite bluegrass groups?

I know it's hard to pick just one! There are so many reasons to like so many different groups. It's kind of like asking "What is your favorite song?" I know that when people have asked me this, I've generally answered,"It depends on the genre of music and each artists' or group's style." A good friend of mine, Tom Williams, who is in a few photographs posted in my photos section "performing with friends," once made a good point that musicians listen to music differently than folks who don't play, write, or record. While he and I, as well as other musicians, may listen for and pay attention to who's playing which instruments, how a song is mixed, or certain playing techniques, as well as for the enjoyment, others may listen simply for the enjoyment. Note that I wrote "may" because there are surely folks that do not play, write, or record, that do appreciate what each artist in a group is doing and listen to enjoy the music as well. My Top Ten is as follows (not so sure about the order though): 10) Blue Highway; 9) Laurel Canyon Ramblers; 8) The Del McCoury Band; 7) Ronnie Bowman and The Committee; 6) The Dan Tyminski Band; 5) J.D. Crowe and the New South; 4) Tim O'Brien/Hot Rize; 3) The Lonesome River Band; 2) Kenny and Amanda Smith Band; and 1) The Seldom Scene.

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